FC Köln and Hertha BSC chase Bayern.

But Jérôme Boateng and Arjen Robben will at least sit on the bench after their injuries. “Both trained very well.” Kingsley Coman is even allowed to play from the start after recovering from a foot injury. So football, not the lottery. After a stroll at Legia in the premier class and the newly discovered ease, BVB will go on Saturday at the best of all football times in the Westfalenstadion against SV Darmstadt 98. Although the opponent – as well as some of his fans – at 6 : 0 was incredibly bad in Warsaw, it can be said that Dortmund played a fine game with the highest away win in their Champions League history. As you can hear, the fans have all returned home healthy.

So now Darmstadt. Last season, the lilies managed to score 2-2 at Germany’s number two. This season there was a defeat in Cologne and a win against Frankfurt.

And BVB did not start into the league really brilliantly after the great change in personnel, a 2-1 win against Mainz was followed by the defeat at the weekend in Leipzig. In short: Is there something going on for the Darmstadters? Coach Norbert Meier, who took over in the summer, said: “We have to maintain our virtues against Dortmund and be determined, trust ourselves with things and be quick and accurate in the passing game.” The Mönchengladbach team have not had an easy day. First they lose their Bundesliga game in Freiburg, then their game in the premier class on Tuesday at Manchester City is canceled because it is raining cats and dogs. And at the catch-up date on Wednesday they go down 4-0.

Team and coach André Schubert flew back on Thursday afternoon. From the airport it went straight to the training ground. And on Saturday from 6.30 p.m., SV Werder Bremen will be the guests, besides FC Schalke 04 the only team in the league to have put the first two games in the sand. “Nobody will expect an offensive spectacle from us,” said Werder’s sports director Frank Baumann. “You have to see that we act as a team and thus free ourselves from the situation.” The not entirely undisputed coach Viktor Skripnik tried to be in a good mood: “I have a very good impression of the players.

There is real life in training, unfortunately only in training. We want to see it in the game now. “I can promise that we will concentrate on our soccer game”: Ralph Hasenhüttl. (Photo: imago / Picture Point LE) The mood among the lawn ball athletes from Leipzig who was before the Guest appearance at Hamburger SV still draw from their coup against BVB. What did not stop coach Ralph Hasenhüttl from shooting a small poison arrow in the direction of HSV. Some fans of Hamburg are planning a protest march. “What Red Bull is doing in Leipzig is a tough form of commercialization,” said initiator Nils Krüger from the HSVInside fan club.last minute biology essay writing service That leaves Hasenhüttl cold: “Our fans have not planned a protest march against HSV investor Kühne.

I can promise that we will concentrate on our football game. “It is like this:” We have played well twice and scored four points. That’s great. But there is still a long way to go to become a top team in the Bundesliga. We are newcomers and are going there to take the next step.

It will be difficult. But we don’t want it easy anyway. “The fans of TSG Hoffenheim were noticed for the first time on the first day of play with a refreshing self-irony. When the investor clubs played 2-2 against the said grass ball athletes, a poster in the Sinsheim stadium read:” Greetings to the 4 Sky- Spectators “. Another one read:” Not everyone can be a commercial association: Shit RBL “. And, not bad either:” Only one person destroys football.

Hope and nobody else. “We are excited to see what they have come up with for this Saturday. That is when the VW club VfL Wolfsburg comes to Kraichgau. Roger Schmidt was angry. The coach of TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen was extremely angry about it. that his team only led 2-0 in the Champions League on Wednesday against CSKA Moscow, but then only won a draw. “We have now missed a much better starting position in this group. If we’re missing two points at the end of the day, we’ll know where we’ve left them. “His players were” lacking in humility “and were” careless “with the advantage.

National player Julian Brandt assisted: “It’s a bit inexplicable.” On Saturday afternoon, Leverkusen will play in the Waldstadion. “After the last game, Frankfurt has a week to rest, we have to adapt quickly,” explained Brandt. And soon German champions? (Photo: dpa) The Mainz team also missed something twice in a row. In the league they missed out on winning their game against Hoffenheim despite a 4-1 lead. And in the Europa League they gave a 1-0 win against St.

Etienne out of hand. “That gives you food for thought. If the draw comes about like this, it’s hard to chew on,” said coach Martin Schmidt. On Sunday in Augsburg his team can show that it can also win.

Speaking of which: In Cologne they currently have the upper hand after four points from two games. Before the game against SC Freiburg on Friday evening, coach Peter Stöger said: “We started the season reasonably well.” That sounds almost euphoric for his standards. “We know where we stand. If Augsburg, Mainz or Freiburg have made it into the Europa League, then, if everything comes together, 1. FC Köln could also be there,” mused Stöger. The club have extended all contracts, “and we have no desire to finish 14th every year. There are only two teams that have won both games before this third match day in Germany’s top football class.

FC Bayern, of course – and Berlin’s Hertha, surprise, surprise. On Sunday, the pointless, but successful in the European league, FC Schalke 04 comes to the Olympic Stadium. We think: you can take a look at it.

Also because Hertha’s Genki Haraguchi is in as good a mood as everyone wants after two years in Berlin. After the victories against Freiburg and in Ingolstadt, coach Pal Dardai described his winger as the best man. The Japanese, as he told the “Bild” newspaper, worked hard on himself: “I took fitness classes at Tsukuba University in Ibaraki in the summer. We Japanese are smaller and narrower. If you don’t work on your body mass, you are no chance against the giants in the Bundesliga. ” Just jogging with his wife Ruriko, it doesn’t come in the bag: “We tried that. But Ruriko was too slow, it wasn’t fun.

That’s why I bought her a bike. Now she is just a little slower than me. “Source: ntv.de” What has become of his legacy … (Photo: REUTERS) Jeez, this Bundesliga! Bayern are wavering, Bremen are losing their seriousness and Hertha is preparing to become champions. In the completely free rotating upper house of football, only HSV and Schalke ensure constancy, while FC Bayern Munich is the table leader. Naturally.

If that weren’t the case after three match days of the Bundesliga, you would have received a breaking news from n-tv.de long ago. But we can’t make it that easy for ourselves with the record champions – despite the previous ideal yield of nine points and a top goal difference of 11: 1. The Bavarians are shaking – and for the time being they are foregoing traditional Oktoberfest visits. Yes, you read that right!

After three years and a few weeks, we actually have to incorporate this long-banned sentence (i.e. the one with the wobble) into the FC Bayern vocabulary. After three years of exciting gee-gee-we-have-the-ball-and-you-not-football under gee-gee-we-have-the-ball-and-never-give-it-back-coach Josep Guardiola, the opponents suddenly create scoring chances (first Schalke and now Ingolstadt) and remind everyone interested in football in the country that Manuel Neuer does not only play for Germany. “He was really good,” said coach Carlo Ancelotti, delighted with the performance of his keeper in the 3-1 win over Ingolstadt. A surprising oh-what-realization. Otherwise, there wasn’t much that was good for the record champions.

The setup of the game is imprecise and hasty. The interaction can be expanded. Much dribbling, little luggage.

As the “Kicker” observed, Bayern’s game seems tactically immature, vulnerable and stuttered. And that after three years of Catalan Tiki-Taka brainwashing. All too exciting.

And then of all things, Super-Hertha from Berlin comes to the ultimate top game. Jeez, Pep, please come back! Two heel hits within nine minutes, plus the second 6-0 victory within four days – VfL Wolfsburg can probably wrap up warm when he hits Borussia Dortmund on Tuesday (from 8 p.m. on n-tv .de live ticker) in the home stadium. With a refreshing ease, BVB slapped the completely overwhelmed SV Darmstadt in front of the yellow wall. Even Norbert Meier had to admit: “As a neutral observer you could have enjoyed it,” said the Lilien trainer. Speaking of observers: Why did Mario Götze actually sit on the bench for 90 minutes after his strong performance at Legia Warsaw?

Thomas Tuchel initially wanted to spare the returnee because of the heavy strain on the world champions in recent days: “We actually wanted to replace him to bring the home game and Mario Götze to a good end,” said the BVB coach, “but among other things because we had to replace Marcel Schmelzer unscheduled, that no longer worked. “Actually, Mario Götze should finally play at home again, but … (Photo: dpa) Now Götze has to wait at least until the next home game on Friday against Freiburg, to finally appear in front of a home crowd and finally to reconcile with the BVB fans. They shouldn’t really miss the 24-year-old after the big win against Darmstadt. During the game, the young and wild ones took over the helm at Borussia – seven players who are not older than 22 were used. “It was fun to watch the little boys up there,” said defender Matthias Ginter, who is only 22 years old himself.

Instead of Götze and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, youngsters like Emre Mor, Christian Pulisic and Ousmane Dembélé turned it up a notch this time. For Darmstadt, on the other hand, after the temporary upswing after the derby win against Frankfurt, the view is down again. Defender Immanuel Höhn made no secret of Darmstadt’s frustration with the club’s highest Bundesliga defeat in the club’s history: “Dortmund plays the Champions League, so it would be presumptuous to think we’re on par with them. Still, you don’t want to concede six goals.

We’ll get up again and do better on Tuesday. “Then TSG Hoffenheim will come to the Jonathan-Heimes-Stadion at Böllenfalltor. Welcome to the wrong league world: Dortmund and Wolfsburg only in fifth and eighth, and around Leverkusen and Schalke you have to turn the table downwards, instead 1. FC Köln and Hertha BSC are chasing Bayern.

After the convincing 3-0 home win over Freiburg on Friday, the “Effzeh” was at the top of the table for 19 hours and for the first time in 20 years. “It’s clear that everyone in this city is now on their head,” said coach Peter Stöger. The whole city is in a party mood. And who is not far in the cathedral city when it comes to partying? Exactly, Lukas Podolski.

The professional from Galatasaray Istanbul paid a visit to his hometown to open the “1st Cologne Oktoberfest”. He is proud that “his” 1. FC Köln is currently on the wave of success: “If you get seven points from three games, that’s outstanding,” said Podolski to the “Express”.

For the world champion, it is clear that this development is due to Stöger. As a thank you, Stöger received a photo together with the FC idol at the “Kölsche Wiesn”. Modest as the FC fans are, they dreamed loudly of the European Cup and the German championship on Friday evening. That was the same for many Hertha fans in Berlin – again.

In fact, after the 2-0 victory over the already troubled Schalke in their home Olympic Stadium, the capitals have legitimate reason to do so. Besides FC Bayern, they are the only team in the league that has not yet suffered a loss of points. And as luck would have it, these two teams will meet on the coming match day. “Well, FC Bayern ?! Are you trembling before Wednesday?”, The Berliners tweeted in exuberance. This tweet is certainly not from Pal Dardai’s keyboard. “We mustn’t be snooty, we can’t be satisfied.

We just have to keep working, “warns the Hertha coach to be level-headed. After the home win in front of 49,251 spectators, he was a bit satisfied:” We scored the goals at the right moment – and scored beautiful goals. ” In a good mood, sports comrade Ralph Hasenhüttl. (Photo: imago / Picture Point LE) Now they have finally made it to the House of Lords. At the away game in Hamburg’s Volksparkstadion, RB Leipzig will only have half time to sweep HSV off the pitch 4-0 .

With seven points after three games, the construct of the shower manufacturer Red Bull is firmly established in the upper third of the table. “We are just excited for success. We have also shown that we are physically at a high level. We can keep the pace high, assert ourselves and assert ourselves,” said Leipzig’s Dominik Kaiser, explaining the strong start to the season. His trainer Ralph Hasenhüttl was convinced: “You can work for happiness, we are just being rewarded.” The HSV tried in vain to challenge this luck.

After the false start, the club is now on the well-known relegation rank and is almost doomed to win in Freiburg on Tuesday. For the fans of the traditional club, the defeat against the lawn ball athletes was particularly bitter for another reason: “Without Kühne, nothing would be going on here “, echoed from the guest block – a return coach for the protests of many Hamburgers who railed against commercialization at RB before the game. After the home defeat, Lewis Holtby admitted: “I’m sorry for each of us who had to wear our colors today.” At RB, however, we are very proud of what we have achieved so far. Sports director Ralf Rangnick is looking forward to further football holidays for the third in the table. “We deserved the win today. After the goal you had the feeling that the roof would fly away any moment.

It’s just fantastic for the city, the fans and the club.