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It is already available in the beta version of the browser. It will automatically be integrated into Chrome with the next browser update. Until then, users have to activate them manually. Sources used: t3n: "For more clarity: Chrome has tab groups"–>

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Suddenly the Chrome browser starts with Bing as the search engine homepage. And Bing is also suddenly set as the default search engine, although you haven’t changed any settings yourself? Then it could be that Office 365 ProPlus is running on the computer or has just been installed.

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Since the update to version 2002, Office 365 ProPlus has simply installed an extension in the Chrome browser that makes Bing the standard search engine – unless Bing is already set as the standard. Microsoft explains this on its support pages.

The background: Users should be able to search their entire workstation directly in the browser address bar, for example for documents or contacts.

If you do not need or want to do this, you can uninstall the extension in the Chrome settings and set another search engine as the default.

Anyone who is new to an online service should choose a strong password. A password manager helps to keep track of things. We introduce the best free programs.


First steps with the LastPass password manager
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Whether in the online shop, when buying tickets or for discussions in forums: For many services on the Internet you need a user account that should be protected with a strong password. More than half of Germans use the same password for multiple accounts for convenience. But that is extremely risky. Because if this "master key" If they get into the hands of criminals, they have an easy job.

Tip: You can find out whether one of your passwords is already on the Internet with services such as "Have I been pwned" or that "HPI Identity Leak Checker" have it checked. You should do this at regular intervals as the data sets are constantly being expanded. More about it here.  


Getting started with the Keepass password manager
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Experts therefore recommend a password manager. These are programs or apps with which long passwords can be created and managed at random. The access information is stored in an encrypted database and saved either locally or in the cloud. Only those who know the master password or have a hardware key have access. We introduce you to the best free programs. 

The simple solution: Lastpass

Whether Windows or Mac, Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge: The LastPass browser extension works on a variety of devices and platforms. There is also a suitable app for on the go (iOS and Android).


The user has to register with his email address. He sets the master password. All log-in data is stored in the cloud. Since LastPass is integrated in the browser, the user does not have to switch between different programs. A few clicks are enough to save, call up and enter passwords. You can also access your data from different devices. Individual passwords can be shared with friends.

The service was hacked several times. So far, however, experts have assumed that the attackers only captured encrypted data records with which they could not do anything. The password safe can also be secured with two-factor authentication. Nevertheless, the user has to put a lot of trust in the provider in order to store his passwords with kill a mockingbird courage essay conclusion You also depend on the company’s server to always work reliably. If this is not available, you can no longer access your passwords. 

Photo show: Getting started with the LastPass password manager

The free basic version meets most requirements. The premium version includes a back-up plan and costs 1.76 euros per month. Family access, which gives up to six people access to shared passwords, costs 3.52 euros per month. 

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The master class: Keepass

The free open source program has a reputation for being not very user-friendly. But it guarantees the highest level of security. The passwords are not stored in the cloud, but in an encrypted file. The user chooses the storage location himself. He can also secure it with a hardware key. It gets complicated when you want to access your database from different devices. 

The password generator spits out customized passwords. The user can, for example, specify how many and which characters should be used for this. A key combination is sufficient to transfer the finished passwords to the browser. Keepass then fills out the log-in form automatically. Users just have to make sure that they have selected the correct entry in the password vault and that the cursor is in the right place. 

A folder structure helps the user to keep an overview. For example, he can create different folders for social media accounts and his access to online shops. Also practical: each entry can be given an expiry date. This reminds the user to change their passwords regularly. 

Photo show: getting started with the Keepass password manager

The program is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android. In January an EU sponsored "Bug bounty"Program. Security specialists are called upon to search for errors and weak points in the program code and to report them. Here, Keepass is a pioneer among password managers when it comes to security. 

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The compromise: Enpass

Enpass offers fewer setting options than Keepass, but it is also clearer. This password manager also includes the appropriate browser extension. The database is saved locally. In contrast to Lastpass, no registration with an online service is necessary. 

Thanks to the browser extension, new entries can be added automatically. At Keepass you have to register each new user account yourself. It is easy to make mistakes. 

Enpass offers a free basic version for both desktop and mobile. 20 passwords can be saved in the free app. The premium version costs just under $ 12 once. 

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Sources used: Own researchSü "Five good password managers compared"–>

Microsoft patches its programs every second Tuesday of the month. Now the November updates are here – and should be installed quickly. Because danger is already imminent.


Security check for Windows 10
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A vulnerability in Internet Explorer (CVE-2019-1429) presents a particularly high threat potential. This is already being used by criminals.

The user only has to call up a manipulated website with the Microsoft browser, which provokes a memory error on the computer and thus opens the door to attackers to smuggle in malicious code, Microsoft describes the security gap.

You can check update installations manually

The update should already have been installed automatically on many computers. If you want to be on the safe side, you can open the settings by clicking on the start button at the bottom left and clicking on the gear icon.

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There you choose "Update and security" such as"Windows Update"and click on "Looking for updates". If the updates have already been installed, you will receive a message "You are up to date". Otherwise Windows will offer to install overdue updates.

Sources used: dpa news agency–>

Again, a Windows update can cause errors for users: This time Microsoft warns that there may be problems with the Internet connection. The company mentions a solution on its website.


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On its website, Microsoft refers to a bug in Windows 10 systems that can be caused by the KB4535996 update from the end of February. This can lead to problems with the Internet connection.

According to Microsoft, the problem affects users who try to access the Internet with a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It doesn’t matter whether the VPN was configured manually or automatically. The errors can occur when users connect to or disconnect from the VPN, or when the VPN status changes. With the help of a VPN, users can surf the Internet anonymously. Read more about VPN here.

Restart is the solution

Applications that want to connect to the Internet via WinHTTP or WinInet can also be affected by the error. According to Microsoft, this includes programs such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Office, Office365, Outlook, Internet Explorer 11 and some versions of Microsoft Edge.

As a solution, Microsoft recommends restarting the computer. The company is also working on an update to fix the problems. The update should be available in early April.


Not the first problem with updates

This is not the first time that a Windows update can cause errors. In the past, users kept reporting problems after installing the latest updates. Microsoft usually provides an update for the update in response. In mid-February, Microsoft even had to withdraw an update: the errors caused were too serious. Here you can read more about it.

If you have problems with updates, you can try uninstalling them. To do this, proceed as follows:

Because of the coronavirus pandemic: Microsoft is temporarily not delivering upgrades from May update: This is in the next Windows 10 version Video published: Windows 10: Microsoft shows new design Press the Windows key and enter "Update history" a. Now click on "View update history".Click on "Uninstall updates"This action opens the window "Uninstall updates". Here you may also see updates from other programs (for example Adobe Acrobat Reader). Now select the update that you want to uninstall and click on the button above "Uninstall". Sources used: Microsoft website, own research–>

In a technical blog post, Chris Jackson, responsible for cybersecurity at Microsoft, relentlessly explains the dangers of using the Explorer. He does not name alternatives.


How to become invisible to Microsoft in Edge and IE
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The post in the official Microsoft blog is called “The dangers of using Internet Explorer as the default browser”. The website reports on this, among others "Dr. Windows".

Jackson writes that Internet Explorer is technically completely out of date. And he describes that Microsoft did not take Internet standards into account for years. If you create a new website today and open it in Internet Explorer, you run the risk, says Jackson, that it will be rendered with implementations that are 20 years old. The further development of Internet Explorer, version 11, ended in 2015.

Jackson goes further and states that Internet Explorer is actually no longer a browser at all, just a compatibility tool. According to Jackson, web developers only test and develop for modern browsers and no longer have Internet Explorer on their screen. Those who still use it as their standard browser run the risk of not being able to take advantage of the possibilities of modern web apps.

There is no solution

Jackson does not offer a solution to the problem. The current browser Microsoft Edge is not mentioned at all, nor is the market leader Chrome or the challenger Firefox.

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After Microsoft stopped developing Internet Explorer without supplying a full replacement with Edge, many users switched to Google Chrome. Microsoft announced in 2018 that it would use the Chromium engine for Edge in the future. This could end the mess, commented "Dr. Windows".

Sources used: Article on "Dr. Windows"Microsoft blog post–>

A security flaw in Internet Explorer allows attackers to gain access to the system. Since the browser is part of all Windows versions, all users are affected.


Windows 10: Deactivate Internet Explorer
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Security researcher John Page is currently warning of a vulnerability in Internet Explorer. With their help, attackers can copy files from the system and upload them to an external server. That reports "heise online".

To exploit the loophole, criminals must trick their victims into opening an MHT file. This can happen through spam mail, for example. MHT files are a file format that Internet Explorer uses to save websites.

All Windows users are affected

When a user wants to open the MHT file, Internet Explorer is automatically activated.